About the founder

Dr. Thomas Lokajczyk is the head and heart of intellisol GmbH. His academic background in experimental plasma physics forms the basis for his later specialization in data warehousing and business intelligence.

Dr. Lokajczyk has held various roles in his professional career. As a systems engineer, he has gained deep insights into the areas of accounting, DWH and CRM. His time as a lecturer enabled him to pass on his knowledge and promote young talent.

At intellisol GmbH, he combines his diverse experience to develop customized solutions for customers. In doing so, he emphasizes practical relevance and direct benefits for the respective company.

In his private life, Dr. Lokajczyk finds balance and joy with his family. He lives with his partner, while their two children have already gone their own way and no longer live at home. In addition to his family, he enjoys a sporting balance, especially through boxing, Crossfit and running. His approach is to be committed and balanced in all areas of life.